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 Update July 2015: we no longer maintain this website but keep it up to make the info available to everyone.

We now have a new website which includes permaculture pages.




Our land in Abels Bay, Tasmania
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A garden diary

Since 1995 we have established Permaculture gardens in two different climate zones: in the arid dry condition of the Queensland Outback and in the tropical wet coastal area of Queensland. In November 2004 we moved to Tasmania and gardening down here is very different from gardening up north in the tropics. The latest entries in our Tasmanian garden diary are here.

Owner building our house
We bought our block of land in 2004. Before we could establish our orchards and vegie gardens we had to build the house first. We did this on our own and we did write about our experiences as owner builders:

Building a house by yourself Our experiences as owner builders in Tasmania

Australian Personalized Children's Books
What do we do when we don't build a house or work in the garden? We write children's books. Torsten writes the stories which are all set in Australia, and he illustrates the books. Silke prints and handbinds the books. She is a member of the Queensland Bookbinders' Guild. 

Australian Personalized Children's Books

written, illustrated and traditionally handbound by
Silke & Torsten Hartmann


Permaculture and Sailing

- information about Permaculture in general and about our garden in the outback and the wet tropics

- sailing pages: around the North Pacific in KAVENGA (text in English)

Permaculture is a comprehensive theory that is now become better known than ever before. Our approach to sustainable gardening includes many aspects of Permaculture, but we try to grow as much of our food as possible in the easiest organic manner without adhering to too many strict theories. More information on our previous Permaculture gardens and on Permaculture:
What is Permaculture? Introduction
Our Permaculture Projects,
the practical approach
A Permaculture garden in the dusty Outback
A City Permaculture Garden in the Tropics
The theory Permaculture - the nine key principles



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